I have to admit the Friday comic isn’t my best work. I had something more ambitious in mind, but I’ve only got the dialog done. I had a major back spasm while riding the bus home and took a pain pill. I’m a bit out of it, but even I can tell the punchline sucks. Chalk it up to character development I guess.

I’ve been a little preoccupied I guess. I just heard from my brother and haven’t even gotten back to him (I will, I promise). I’m happy to note that things are looking up some for Karen, even though she’s lost so much.

Did I mention I don’t have that many people I consider close friends? Karen and I have never met face to face, I haven’t even seen a real picture, but it’s a bright point in my day when I hear from her or we can chat. There’s no romance going on here. I’m probably old enough to be her fa-, er, older brother. But she is precious to me. And when I think how a few minutes difference could have- I don’t want to go there.

It puts a few things in perspective.

Do me a favor, OK? Check your smoke detector batteries. Make an evacuation and contact plan with your family and neighbors. Get in your mind what’s really valuable, and what’s not worth your life to retrieve. Scan all your photos and put them on a USB stick or chip in your wallet/purse, maybe send a copy to relatives. Get a fireproof box or safe for your important documents, and put certified copies on file with the county or in a safe deposit box. A leash or collapsible or fabric pet carrier in a convenient location might also be in order.

OK, way past time I went to bed. I’m definitely way to loopy at this point