I’m not getting enough sleep these days. Even when I get to bed in a timely manner I toss and turn or have anxiety dreams (which for me mean I might as well be awake).

The number one thing not to do when half asleep is tweak your website.

A couple weeks ago I got tired of the spammers setting up accounts even tho I have Askimet installed and all new posters are subject to approval. They were probably all bots. It’s that so many completed the registration procedure requiring a valid e-mail address that seems so cocky.

Yeah, I never went after any of ’em. Too many other things going on. I’m really slipping.

Anyway. I’d found a plug in to ad CAPCHA to the registration process. Set it up and it looked good.

And tested it with a new registration. Oh! Wait! No I didn’t.

So, a week or so later I’m wondering why there haven’t been any new registrations. DUR! Long story short, registrations should be functioning again.

Number 2 on the list, is posting how stupid you’ve been. And on that note, I think I’d best go to bed.