I must confess, I’m happy to put this year behind me. It’s not been my best. I got laid off twice. Went thru bankruptcy twice (missed the first hearing date). Ended up in the hospital from a stroke leaving me effectively unemployable (losing a 3rd job). I got on state disability, but it’s a pittance, and they’re cutting that by about 25% with practically no notice. And the physical therapy I’ve been trying to get, is being cut too.

Still, it means that I’m gonna have to pull myself up by my bootstraps here. I’ve been working on regaining my typing ability since I was in the hospital. I still need a cane for any extended walking or standing, but the ¾ mile to the nearest bus stop is only daunting when the weather’s bad. Ad revenue for TMI is picking up, and should only get better, particularly if I can start attracting more readers. And, even if I’m depressed, I’m at least consciously (if not emotionally) aware that things are going to get better.

Here’s wishing all of us a great new year! Please be safe tonight, but have a good time!