New motherboard showed up this afternoon. As did a new, full sized tower case. I wasn’t having these problems until I switched to using the mini-ATX desktop cases. And they did get awfully warm. Poor air circulation and no place for extra fans. Gonna haul them to Goodwill so I’m not tempted to use them again.

Put the new motherboard in the new case. Put in the Athalon II CPU, memory, and a video card. Hooked it up to power and the monitor, and . . . nuthin’. No POST (Power On Self-Test). Not so much as a chirp out of the speaker. Took out the memory. Still nothing. Took out the video card, not a peep from the speaker.

Gonna see if I can get a ride to Fry’s tomorrow, and hope I’ve got enough left for the “too low to show” Athlon II 260.