REPOST: Apr 16 2017 (I had this out flagged private for some reason.)

OK, Gang. I’m going to make an issue of nitpicking.

If all you can do is say something’s not right, keep it to yourself. If you’ve got a solution, correction, a better model, I’ll thank you for it.

Particularly models and props. If I didn’t use it, I probably don’t have it. If you can find (and maybe buy) what you think is missing, I’ll use it.

Typo reports are good. Just make sure someone hasn’t beat you to it.

If you got a better line of dialog in a regional/ethnic dialect, let me know. Especially if I can bug you at odd hours to make sure I’m getting it right in a new comic.

Background not quite right? Guess, what? That’s all I got. Feel free to point me to one that’s better (as long as I can legitimately use it).

Oh, and as for characters not using Perfect English, that’s a non-starter. Even Ace is prone to dialect (yes, there is a NW dialect) and slang.

OK, that off my chest, thanks for putting up with me.