The spam filters seem to have been working really well, lately. Most comment spam doesn’t even make it into the spam queue.

So, I’ve set the number of links allowed per comment before moderation is required to 4!

If you have a login and post a comment without being logged in, or someone tries to post as you, those comments are held for moderation. In general, commenting seems to work better for logged in users, including getting your replies where you want them.

And certain parties that have learned to behave no longer require moderation for every comment (as long as they log in first). Don’t make me regret it.

And don’t panic if your comment requires moderation. All first-time posts require approval. Or you may have neglected to log on, used a flagged word or phrase, or, you’re one of those people that the system doesn’t like and makes me moderate your comments no matter what I try.

Remember that I have no life, and a nifty tablet, so it’s rare that most comments sit for too long.

I’ve been bad about it, but I’ll try to make a point of letting folks know the problem if I discard their comments now that there shouldn’t be so much moderation called for.