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Jan 2Aproval
Jan 4Not A Fool
Jan 6A Measure of Life
Jan 9Bleach
Jan 11A Real Drag
Jan 13Before the Auction
Jan 16The Mask
Jan 18Ace Hits The Stage
Jan 20Bidders
Jan 25All In Fun
Jan 27Too Grand
Jan 28Sniped
Jan 31Sharron Who?
Feb 1Matching Bid
Feb 3Certain Appeal
Feb 8Exclusive
Feb 10Officer Freaky
Feb 13Busted
Feb 14Superbowl
Feb 15A Man of Faith
Feb 17Hacked
Feb 22CTO?
Feb 24What Rosa Wants
Feb 27Shopping with Maddie
Mar 1Pegged
Mar 3Nothing to Offer
Mar 6Virgin Territory
Mar 8Opening Negotiations
Mar 10Warmed Up
Mar 13Getting Things Straight
Mar 15Peg’s Problem
Mar 15Peg's Problem
Mar 16Bad Medicine
Mar 17The High Bidder
Mar 18Hot Sauce
Mar 19Sammich
Mar 20Meeting Samantha Hooper
Mar 22The Author of His Troubles
Mar 24Just A Quick Bite
Mar 27Spooky to the Rescue
Mar 29She Would Know
Mar 31Not So Made Up
Apr 1Nearly Naked Ninja Nuns
Apr 3Too Much Spooky
Apr 5Just Ask
Apr 6Sex With A Ghost
Apr 7Hot Stuff
Apr 8That Could Work
Apr 10Wrong Dialect
Apr 12Officer Friendly On Patrol
Apr 13Talking Finally
Apr 14A Hit
Apr 15Finding Trouble
Apr 17Taken In
Apr 18Getting Comfortable
Apr 18Outclassed
Apr 19Strange Bed
Apr 20His Idea
Apr 21Conditional
Apr 24Stay In Bed
Apr 27Sick Day
Apr 28Driven To It
Apr 29Cooped Up
May 1Party Girl
May 2Grounded
May 3No Way
May 4Dream Lost
May 4Bonus! – The Gibletizer
May 4Bonus! – Bland but Edible
May 4Bonus! – Funbags
May 4Bonus! – Hot Lunch
May 4Bonus! – Weekender
May 4Bonus! – Most Offensive T-Shirt Ever
May 4Bonus! – Hot Ice Cream
May 4Bonus! – When Larry Met Carly
May 4Bonus! – Soup Bowl
May 5First Year
May 6Sort of Involved
May 8Some Explanation
May 10Think What They May
May 12In Tune
May 15Take It All Off
May 17Youth
May 19Long Islands
May 22How Old?
May 24Laying Down the Law
May 26Laying Down the Law
May 30Of Boys In Blue
Jun 1Shot Down
Jun 5Morning After
Jun 7No D
Jun 9The Exhibitionist
Jun 12Early Risers
Jun 14Relevant Question
Jun 16Hot Cakes
Jun 19The Hard Way
Jun 20Rescue and Retrieval
Jun 21Colleen
Jun 22Greg
Jun 23Naked Before Him
Jun 24She Never Left
Jun 26All Jazzed Up
Jun 27Certified
Jun 28Suggestible
Jun 29Oversight
Jun 30A Pattern
Jul 3A New Whisper
Jul 5The Fall
Jul 7The Fall
Jul 10The Fall
Jul 12In The Dark
Jul 14In The Dark
Jul 17Shared Dream
Jul 19Holes in the Story
Jul 21Rosa Visits
Jul 26Rosa Visits
Jul 28Rosa Visits
Aug 7My Grampy
Aug 9Rosa Leaves
Aug 11Stranded
Aug 12Bonus! – Thanks for the Meme
Aug 14No Busses Either
Aug 16Jaz Overboard
Aug 19Jaz Overboard
Aug 21Going For A Ride
Aug 23To the Zoo!
Aug 25Foot Rubs
Aug 28Foot Rubs
Aug 30Foot Rubs
Sep 1Waiting For Rosa
Sep 4Sleepy Head
Sep 6Or Did She?
Sep 8Sing-a-long With Grampy
Sep 13Issues
Sep 16Issues
Sep 18Just Between Friends
Sep 20Like A Sister
Sep 24Heading Out
Sep 25Doctor, Doctor . . .
Sep 27Naughty Nursie
Sep 28Softy
Sep 29The Big Chair
Oct 2Cousins
Oct 3Marking Territory
Oct 4Clipped
Oct 6No More Nerd Hair
Oct 9Closer
Oct 13Inside Information
Oct 14Hot Momma
Oct 16Dissenting Opinion
Oct 18Spilled
Oct 20Dealing an Ace
Oct 21Beneficial Friends
Oct 23Falling Again
Oct 25Found Her
Oct 27Ordinary Ghost Story
Oct 28Been There, Done That
Oct 30Not Gone Yet
Nov 3Ghost Bride?
Nov 6Back To Stay
Nov 7The Owner
Nov 8The Owner
Nov 9The Owner
Nov 10Reserved
Nov 13Some Secret
Nov 14Stepping In
Nov 15Moving Out
Nov 16Goldilocks
Nov 17Homeless Pixie
Nov 18She Was Just 17 . . .
Nov 19Bonus! – No Liar
Nov 20You Know What I Mean
Nov 21And The Way She Looked
Nov 22Bringing Around The Car
Nov 23Obvious Solution
Nov 24The Recruiter
Nov 25Bought and Sold
Nov 27Under the Gaydar
Nov 28Free Show
Nov 29Free Show
Nov 30Free Show
Dec 1Free Show
Dec 2Free Show
Dec 3Boxers on the Floor
Dec 3Boxers on the Floor
Dec 3Boxers on the Floor
Dec 3Boxers on the Floor
Dec 3Boxers on the Floor
Dec 3Boxers on the Floor
Dec 4Competition for Her Affections
Dec 5Looking At Walter
Dec 6Economy Car It Ain’t
Dec 7In Comparison
Dec 8A Spooky Resemblance
Dec 9Oh! Baby!
Dec 11Scotch Philosophy
Dec 12An Eye For Plaid
Dec 13Dancing, Even
Dec 14Parting Words
Dec 15Sight To See
Dec 16“I’m free.”
Dec 18Last Goodbye
Dec 19Crackin’!
Dec 20Last Kiss
Dec 22Busy Bodies
Dec 23Busy Bodies
Dec 25Next!
Dec 26Start Over
Dec 27Dressed For Success
Dec 29One Good Word Too Many
Dec 30Missing Persons