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Jan 2Tongues Wag
Jan 3Roped In
Jan 11Rejected
Jan 12Something’s Up
Jan 12Something's Up
Jan 13Now She’s Interested
Jan 13Now She's Interested
Jan 15Closeted
Jan 16Worries
Jan 17Sweet Treat
Jan 18One Hitch
Jan 19Retreat
Jan 20Retreat
Jan 22Retreat
Jan 23Bonus! – Get a Lock
Jan 24A Difference
Jan 26What Could Happen?
Jan 28Retreat
Jan 30Retreat
Feb 2Step-grand-sisters
Feb 5Rocky Hug!
Feb 6To The Rescue
Feb 7To The Rescue
Feb 9Cleo
Feb 12Guardian Angel
Feb 13Personal Demon
Feb 14Bonus! – Valentines Day
Feb 14Bonus! – Valentines Day
Feb 15Listed
Feb 20In Plain Latin
Feb 21No Touching!
Feb 23Taking the Sword
Feb 26Coping
Feb 28More Coping
Mar 2Full House
Mar 5Straight
Mar 7Flush
Mar 9Closetted
Mar 12Gran’s Plan
Mar 14Curiosity
Mar 16Drawn In
Mar 17Bonus! – Temptation
Mar 19Set Up
Mar 21Snowed In
Mar 23Snowed In
Mar 26Snowed In
Mar 28Snowed In
Mar 29Bonus! – The Devil’s Drink
Mar 30Blaming the Booze
Apr 2Eliciting a Promise
Apr 4No Shame
Apr 6Poor Proposal
Apr 9Beat Down
Apr 13Insignificant
Apr 16Alternative Treatment
Apr 18Horiffic
Apr 20Existential Problem
Apr 23Lucky Day
Apr 27Congratulations In Order
Apr 30Bad Timing
May 2Happy for Who?
May 4Competition
May 5Seeing Red
May 6Discovery
May 7Open Options
May 12Uninformed
May 16Bi Something
May 18Experienced
May 21Putting Blame
May 23One Point In Common
May 28One Small Thing
May 30Small Matter
Jun 1Still Just Friends
Jun 4Catty
Jun 6Bullish
Jun 8Thin
Jun 11Family Time
Jun 13Everybody Loves Mr. Wizard
Jun 15Secret Shared
Jun 18Total Agreement
Jun 21Good Guesser
Jun 23Still A Good Trick
Jun 24That’s A God
Jun 25Forfeit
Jun 27Minor Flaw
Jun 29Two’s Company
Jun 29Two's Company
Jul 1Imaginary Friend
Jul 2Bonus! – Loaner Pen
Jul 5Bedtime Maddie
Jul 6Just Choosy
Jul 8All Thumbs
Jul 9Stormy Weather
Jul 11Keeping Score
Jul 13Hand Check!
Jul 16Seriously
Jul 18Sticky Situation
Jul 23Sound Sleeper
Jul 25Assumptions
Jul 27Handy
Jul 30Off Hand
Aug 1Three’s A Crowd
Aug 1Three's A Crowd
Aug 3Like Nothing Happened
Aug 4Bonus! – Letting Go
Aug 5Strange Beauty
Aug 6Not A Date
Aug 10WoW’d
Aug 13Soaked
Aug 15Movie Night
Aug 17Good Evening
Aug 19Strange Love
Aug 20Making Nice
Aug 20Unbeaten
Aug 22Too Much Information
Aug 24Re-Visited
Aug 25Simple Explanation
Aug 26Hands Down
Aug 27Cousin Grace
Aug 28Cousin Grace
Aug 29Cousin Grace
Aug 30Cousin Grace
Aug 31Cousin Grace
Sep 1Bonus! – It Sees All
Sep 2Catitude
Sep 3Too Much Information
Sep 4Cousin Grace
Sep 5Grace’d
Sep 6Screwed
Sep 7Fat Maddie
Sep 10Fat Maddie
Sep 11Fat Maddie
Sep 12Maddie the Tease
Sep 13Reddy to Eat
Sep 14Skinny
Sep 17Skinny
Sep 19Cousin Grace
Sep 21Scottish Girlfriend
Sep 24Scottish Girlfriend
Sep 26Distant Girlfriends
Sep 28Distant Girlfriends
Oct 1No Hypocrite
Oct 2Spirituality
Oct 3Spirituality
Oct 6Good Enough
Oct 8Good Enough
Oct 9Aunt Charity
Oct 10Aunt Charity
Oct 12Aunt Charity
Oct 15Too Much Information
Oct 17Aunt Charity
Oct 18Good Counsel
Oct 22Good Counsel
Oct 24Good Counsel
Oct 26Friends Again
Oct 27Swamped
Oct 29Drama Pixie
Oct 31Comfort Level
Nov 2Too Much Information
Nov 4An Earfull
Nov 5Work In Progress
Nov 9Kira
Nov 10Kira
Nov 11TV’d
Nov 12Kira
Nov 14Kira
Nov 18Boob Tube
Nov 19Kira
Nov 21The Better Pair
Nov 23Big Loss
Nov 26Duality
Nov 28Scale
Nov 30Poke
Dec 1Bonus! – PG-13
Dec 3Poked
Dec 5Poked Again
Dec 5Mystalker
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 6Luna
Dec 7Under Cover Sharron
Dec 10Under Cover Sharron
Dec 12Under Cover Sharron
Dec 14Under Cover Sharron
Dec 15Bonus! – Sharron Working Vice
Dec 17Rocky Makeover
Dec 19Rocky Makeover
Dec 21Rocky Makeover
Dec 23Getting It Right
Dec 25Bonus! – Christmas for Pixie
Dec 27Rocky Makeover
Dec 28Flex
Dec 29Rocky Makeover
Dec 30Run With It
Dec 31On the Town