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Jan 2Out on the Town
Jan 3No Time to Leave
Jan 4That Simple
Jan 5The Neighbor
Jan 6Old Joke
Jan 7Crafty
Jan 8Worse Places To Wake Up
Jan 9Afterglow
Jan 10Absolution
Jan 11Unexpected Advice
Jan 14About Last Night
Jan 16For Her Own Good, Of Course
Jan 17Way Down
Jan 18New Roomie
Jan 18Cat Crazy
Jan 20In Touch
Jan 22And He Didn’t Even Get A Bargain
Jan 24Mama Knows Best
Jan 25Natural Mom
Jan 27Almost Big Enough
Jan 28New Hair
Jan 30New Hair Too
Jan 31No Mans Land
Feb 1Saved!
Feb 3Special Abilities
Feb 4Bikinis
Feb 5Vindictive
Feb 7Distance
Feb 9Not So Crazy
Feb 10She?
Feb 11What A Man!
Feb 18The Ex
Feb 20Hair!
Feb 22Fiancée?
Feb 25No Way!
Feb 29Dishing
Feb 29Guest Who
Mar 1Denial
Mar 3Another Perspective
Mar 8A Real Fan
Mar 26A True Fan
Mar 28Fan-tastic
Apr 2Redemption
Apr 4She Knows
Apr 5Promises
Apr 6Fourth Wall
Apr 7Remember?
Apr 9Oh, Baby!
Apr 10Just Concerned
Apr 11Obviously
Apr 13Coincidentally
Apr 14Thinking
Apr 15He didn’t say “No.”
Apr 15He didn't say "No."
Apr 16Heart Breaker
Apr 17Right Nor Wrong
Apr 18Little What?
Apr 20Forget What?
Apr 21Little Sister?
Apr 23New Bed
Apr 25Oops
Apr 28Whither Jaz?
Apr 29What Job?
Apr 30Blame
May 1Well, There’s-
May 2In Shadow Waiting
May 3Fault
May 5Heartbreaker
May 6Letter From Jaz
May 7De Fault
May 9Liar, Liar
May 12Now?
May 14Please
May 165 Minute Warning
May 19Just Like Mom
May 19Cat Toy
May 27Grace, Underdressed
May 29Ask A Silly Question
May 30Vision of Grace
Jun 1No Problem
Jun 2The Truth Costs Extra
Jun 3Medium
Jun 4Academic
Jun 6Crowd
Jun 9Heartburn
Jun 11Steve
Jun 13Concurance
Jun 15Ass Kicking: Start!
Jun 17First Shot
Jun 18Not So Incredible
Jun 19A Bit Rusty
Jun 21Coincidence?
Jun 23Rescue?
Jun 25Repeat Offender
Jun 27Stronger Than She Looks
Jun 29Stash
Jun 30Obvious
Jul 2At Least One More
Jul 3Over The Edge
Jul 5The Newcomer
Jul 6Soon
Jul 7I Guess So
Jul 8To Die For
Jul 9Gone, For Now
Jul 10Back Already
Jul 11In Hand
Jul 13Summoning Help
Jul 14Ghost Trouble
Jul 15Good Medicine
Jul 16Hypnotic
Jul 18Down The Hatch
Jul 20Mmm, Guiness
Jul 21Reunited
Jul 23Enviable Job
Jul 28Demons
Jul 29A Good Lawyer
Jul 30Working For A Living
Aug 1Client Privalage
Aug 4Hellphone
Aug 6The Good News
Aug 7The Bad News
Aug 8The Dark
Aug 11Open Minded
Aug 13Ring Of Truth
Aug 15An Investment
Aug 16Bonus! – The Return of Bruno
Aug 17Bonus! – Welcome Back Bruno
Aug 17Hospitality
Aug 18It Works
Aug 20Metamorphosis
Aug 25No Barrier To Love
Aug 27Vapors
Aug 29A Bad Light
Aug 31Bonus! – At The Con
Sep 1No Doubt
Sep 2Reaquaintance
Sep 3Enlightenment
Sep 6Yet
Sep 8Just Like That
Sep 10In The Dark, Again
Sep 13Power Up
Sep 14Reunion
Sep 15Knowing Her Place
Sep 17Supercharged
Sep 19Leaving
Sep 27Yet, Again!
Sep 29Wishes
Oct 1Prayer
Oct 3Answers
Oct 6Words Fail
Oct 8Change Of Heart
Oct 10A Feminist At Heart
Oct 13Greed
Oct 15She Had To Ask
Oct 18Not Anymore
Oct 20Deuce
Oct 22No Demi Here
Oct 24The Power Of
Oct 27Technically
Oct 29A Good Cause
Oct 30One Up
Oct 31Trading Places
Nov 3Steamy Letter
Nov 5Good News
Nov 7The Bad News
Nov 10Discussion
Nov 12Good Company
Nov 14Self Improvement
Nov 17Another Secret
Nov 19Technically True
Nov 21Disconnected
Nov 24Alive
Nov 28Hard Road
Dec 1Spilt Beans
Dec 1Beer Factor
Dec 3Someone Has To Be Strong
Dec 5Making Room
Dec 8Why Me?
Dec 9Lavi Stockam
Dec 10John Stockam
Dec 11Anger
Dec 12Anger Management
Dec 15Sincere Apology
Dec 16Daddy’s Little Girl
Dec 17Been There
Dec 19Almost Right
Dec 23Relatively Humble