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Jan 5No Secret
Jan 8Frankie Blue Eyes
Jan 11No Deal
Jan 19No Wonder
Jan 25No Idea
Jan 27No Lie
Feb 24No Kidding
Mar 15No Regret
Mar 17No- What?
Mar 29Qualified Statement
Mar 30No Help
Mar 31No Wonder
Apr 1Reboot
Apr 2April Fools
Apr 7New Headache
Apr 12No Love Lost
Apr 14Head Game
Apr 16Head Up
Apr 26Head Line
May 10Two Birds
May 14True Love
May 19Le Photographe
May 21L'Oeil
May 24L’Esprit
Jun 7Le Coeur
Jun 9Le Pied (dans la bouche)
Jun 16Sincérité
Jul 6Facile
Jul 8Le Fraude
Jul 9Vraiment Petit
Jul 13First Sight
Jul 16Alure a L'Heur
Jul 20Friend Or Faux
Jul 23Out To Lunch
Jul 24Still Out
Jul 25Dunno
Jul 29Guest Strip – Flat Out Funny
Aug 1In
Aug 3Motivation
Aug 10Relative Time
Aug 23Hit Or Miss
Aug 25Taste
Aug 27Think Fast
Aug 30Not A Lie
Sep 1What Comes Naturally
Sep 8Well Informed
Sep 10Air Fair
Sep 13Trippy Planning
Sep 21First Clue
Sep 23Counter Move
Sep 27Counter Arguement
Sep 29Reinforcement
Oct 1History
Oct 1Good Eatin’
Oct 4Short Trip
Oct 5Rejetée
Oct 6Reasonable Leap
Oct 7Logical Immunity
Oct 8Rushed
Oct 11Fitting
Oct 12The Real Trouble
Oct 13Really Trouble
Oct 15Barely Legal
Oct 16Grey Area
Oct 18Bully
Oct 19Seen
Oct 20Heard
Oct 21Popped
Oct 22Sooner
Oct 24Unharmed
Oct 25Good In A Bad Way
Oct 26Details
Oct 27Sharp
Oct 28Pointed
Oct 29Promises
Oct 31Costume Lineup
Oct 31Out of This World
Nov 1Damaged Goods
Nov 2Auntie Jaz
Nov 3Open Options
Nov 4Single Lady
Nov 5Good Points
Nov 7Monster Humor
Nov 8Yet Another Whisper
Nov 9A Late Visitor
Nov 10Another Late Visitor
Nov 11Late Visitors
Nov 12Retribution
Nov 13Karma Happens
Nov 14Double Trouble
Nov 15Sound Sleeper
Nov 16Where There's Smoke
Nov 17There's Fire
Nov 18Back Drafted
Nov 19Singed
Nov 20No Stopping Him
Nov 22Dead Steve
Nov 23Out of the Frying Pan
Nov 24Into The Fire
Nov 25Soul'd
Nov 26Getting Warmer
Nov 27Hot Foot It
Nov 29Slip
Nov 30Fall
Dec 1Catch
Dec 2Who Do?
Dec 3Burning
Dec 4Going Down
Dec 5Really Bad Heartburn
Dec 6One Take on Eternity
Dec 6One Question
Dec 7Burnt
Dec 8Arrangements
Dec 9Comfort Zone
Dec 10Dibs
Dec 11High Bid
Dec 12Pancaked
Dec 13Not Ready To Solo
Dec 14Doctor Snarky
Dec 15Saucey
Dec 16No Spicy
Dec 17Semi-nothin'
Dec 18Sleeping Arrangements
Dec 19Slumber Of The Innocent
Dec 20What A Man
Dec 21Luna, The Adventurer
Dec 22Captain Jaz
Dec 23Ace Noir
Dec 24Old Republic Rocky
Dec 25Carly, Carrying A Torch
Dec 26Pixie, The Barbarian
Dec 27Mighty Maddie
Dec 28Gina on the Bridge
Dec 29Insecurity
Dec 30RED Grampy
Dec 31Curious