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Jan 1Dubious
Jan 2Intemperant
Jan 3Envious
Jan 4Unbalanced
Jan 5Inattentive
Jan 6Overcome
Jan 7Flighty
Jan 8Stone Cold
Jan 9Indiscreet
Jan 10Spiteful
Jan 11Arrogant
Jan 13Overconfident
Jan 14Overdone
Jan 15Impulsive
Jan 18Hot Tempered
Jan 20Noisy
Jan 21Resentful
Jan 22Bitchy
Jan 23Ups and Downs
Jan 24Shake Down
Jan 25Sidhe Says #1
Jan 26Separation
Jan 27Sentiments
Jan 28Strung Out
Jan 29Forsaken
Jan 30Driven
Jan 30Sidhe Says #2
Jan 31Heartaches
Jan 31Lift Lineup
Feb 1Ill Repose
Feb 2Payback
Feb 3Sidhe Says #3
Feb 5Seems Familiar
Feb 6All The Rest
Feb 7Toehold
Feb 8Timing
Feb 9Feint Praise
Feb 11Busted
Feb 12Limitations
Feb 13Stuff
Feb 14Slipping Under
Feb 15Faint Praise
Feb 16Like A Dream
Feb 17Tux Messaging
Feb 18Under Tuxxed
Feb 20Fitting Trouble
Feb 21Fitting Consequence
Feb 24Troublesome Fit
Feb 25Sewn Up
Feb 28Taken In
Mar 1Taking Out
Mar 3The Hitch
Mar 4Loose Slip
Mar 5Tight Knit
Mar 7Fitting Choices
Mar 10Buttoned Up
Mar 14Volumes
Mar 16Pinup: Sky and Luna
Mar 16Purse Strings
Mar 18One Snag
Mar 19Snared
Mar 20Needled
Mar 22Loose End
Mar 24Threadbare
Mar 26Frayed Knot
Mar 27New Clothes
Mar 28Making It Herself
Mar 29Cut Out
Mar 30Strung Along
Mar 31Laced Up
Apr 1A Fine Line
Apr 2Threads
Apr 3Straight Cut
Apr 4Tight Knit
Apr 7Bindings
Apr 8Coverings
Apr 9Shrouded
Apr 10Off Corse
Apr 14Troubles
Apr 16Flattery Indeed
Apr 17Over Share
Apr 19First Note
Apr 20Second Beat
Apr 21Third Track
Apr 22Fourth Bar
Apr 23Lullaby
Apr 24Swan Song
Apr 25Pinup: Rosa – Younger Days
Apr 26Octave
Apr 28Disconnected
Apr 29Unconnected
Apr 29Up Here
Apr 30Miss Connected
May 2Relative Ease
May 5Splashy Entrance
May 6Splash Down
May 7A Wet One
May 8Water Tight
May 9Motorboatable
May 10Droplet
May 11The Thick Of It
May 12Maggie Rush
May 12Hiatus
May 13Half Measures
May 14Wonder Away
May 28Betting Pool
May 29Friendly Chat
May 30Light Headed Conversation
May 30Barely Caught
Jun 1Good Detection
Jun 2Like Water
Jun 3Bad Medicine
Jun 4Promises, Promises
Jun 6Premises, Premises
Jun 7Premises, Premises
Jun 9Hard To Swollow
Jun 10A Bitter Pill
Jun 11Temperature Rising
Jun 12Consensus
Jun 13Pricked
Jun 16Prodded
Jun 17The Hole Truth
Jun 18Otherwise Instead
Jun 1957 Channels
Jun 20And Nuthin’ On
Jun 21Boob Tube
Jun 22That’s The Fact
Jun 23Short List
Jun 24Bits
Jun 25Pieces
Jun 26Wedding Panner
Jun 27Noise Maker
Jun 28Now Now Now
Jun 29Worry Not
Jul 1Dream Girls
Jul 2Unhitched
Jul 7Talk About It
Jul 8Take A Gander
Jul 9In Detail
Jul 10Suddenly
Jul 13Doing Right
Jul 14SOB Story
Jul 16Akane Distraction
Jul 17SOBering
Jul 18Sparring
Jul 18Jaz by the Pool
Jul 21Health Problem
Jul 24Healthy Choice
Jul 25WWJD?
Jul 28Everything But
Jul 29Equilateral
Aug 19S.O.B.!
Aug 20Hot Shot
Aug 21Killer Rack
Aug 28Great Guns
Aug 28Thunder Thighs
Aug 30High Caliber
Aug 31Big Shot
Sep 6Uknown
Sep 11Slip
Sep 11Heroes
Sep 25Shadows
Sep 29Hipshot
Oct 1Jaz (NSFW)
Oct 2Off Channel
Oct 3Improving Reception
Oct 5Jinx on my back
Oct 5Luna (NSFW)
Oct 7Tuned In
Oct 9Channelling
Oct 13Idiomatic
Oct 14Educational
Oct 15Barbi (NSFW)
Oct 18Hit Show
Oct 19Speak Up!
Oct 20Repeat
Oct 23Talk Showing
Oct 27Rocky (NSFW)
Oct 28DR Lane (NSFW)
Oct 29The Guys
Oct 30Inspector Mercy (NSFW)
Oct 31Flutter-Mags
Nov 1Late News
Nov 2Limitted
Nov 3Action Drama
Nov 15What About Jaz?
Nov 25Enough Said
Nov 26What about Luna?
Nov 28Dreams May Come
Dec 1Kitty Cornered
Dec 2What You Know
Dec 5What about Ace?
Dec 7Needing Is One Thing
Dec 8Eventuality
Dec 15Selection
Dec 17Pizza Ninja