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Jan 1Pixie
Jan 6Flu Season
Jan 12What more?
Jan 13What Security?
Jan 13What Secret?
Jan 14What Four
Jan 17What a … Man
Jan 18The Dream
Jan 21What First
Jan 24What Job?
Jan 26What Coverage
Jan 27What Problem
Jan 28What Evidence
Feb 9What Trick
Feb 12What’s For Breakfast
Feb 13What Sauce
Feb 18What Timing
Feb 19What The-?
Feb 24What A Kicker
Feb 25What Is
Feb 27Remembering Leonard Nimoy
Mar 1What Not
Mar 1Beachside Kimi
Mar 3What Who
Mar 4What A Family
Mar 7Oops
Mar 14What Detail
Mar 15What Dog
Mar 19What Matters
Mar 21What Flavor?
Mar 22What Flavor!
Mar 24What Apology?
Mar 26What More
Mar 27The Cornstarch Trick
Mar 28What Taste
Apr 6What? Taste?
Apr 7What A Dish
Apr 8What’s Past
Apr 12What A Start
Apr 20What’s True
Apr 21What? Truth?
Apr 22What Awe
Apr 27What Joy
Apr 28Record? What Record?
Apr 30Social What?
May 2What Favor
May 510 What?
May 11What does not kill me…
May 12What He Said
May 14Multilingual
May 19Curious
May 20Black Like Who?
May 21Amenable
May 22Force This
May 26Content
May 28Cross
May 29Considerate
Jun 1Innocent
Jun 1Kimi on the beach #08 (NSFW)
Jun 2Mannerly
Jun 10Impressible
Jun 21Grand Leader’s Wisdom: Baited Breath
Jul 16House Catted
Aug 19Wanted
Aug 20Outflanked
Sep 8Unflappable
Sep 11Slick
Sep 12Traditional
Sep 14A Capital Thinker
Sep 14At Full Tilt
Sep 15Huggable, Too
Sep 28Discredited
Sep 29Shown Up
Oct 1Iola and The Twins Topless (NSFW)
Oct 2A Shipping Hazard
Oct 4Barbi Unbloused (sort of NSFW)
Oct 4A Fighter
Oct 7On Porpoise
Oct 13Pandering
Nov 1Barbi, just the camisole and panties (NSFW)
Nov 10Going Somewhere
Nov 11Veterans Day
Nov 12Getting There
Nov 13Not Quite There
Nov 14For Paris
Nov 18Extravagent
Dec 1Barbi, no camisole (NSFW)
Dec 7Holier Than Thou
Dec 8Preordained
Dec 9Squirrelly
Dec 10Unsettled
Dec 11Salty Humor
Dec 15Godfathered
Dec 28Stepping Out
Dec 31Happy New Year – 2016
Dec 31Inspecting The Goods