I realize that not everyone thinks it’s a good idea, but I do believe Puerto Rico and the Nation as a whole will benefit greatly from statehood. So I hope my congratulations will be received in the spirit it is intended.

Came up with the 51 stars star-burst design just this evening. I think it harkens back to the original 13 star flag nicely.

And you can download a copy of it here: http://aodendhal.deviantart.com/art/51-Stars-336661181

Update 1:34pm: To clarify, the people of Puerto Rico have voted in favor of a referendum in favor of statehood. Actual statehood is probably a long ways down the road. Here’s a news link that I probably should have put up in the first place: http://news.yahoo.com/puerto-ricans-opt-statehood-referendum-134423786.html