That’s Crewmember Advanced (CrA) Marteen keeping Gabe “occupied.” And Deputy Commander (DCmdr) Columbia (do NOT ask her to do The Time Warp).

Crewmember Advanced is about the equivalent of an E-3 Seaman. Except there are actually 5 enlisted ranks; Recruit, Trainee, Qualified, Experienced, and Advanced. After that come Crew Leaders (non-commissioned officers), and then it’s possible to advance to Team Leader (like a warrant officer).

Deputy Commander is a rank between Lt Command and a full Commander. There are also additional Lieutenant and Captain ranks.

Orions only wear insignia with their dress uniforms because the shipsuit material can’t do anything that complex. It’s also unnecessary. With their neural implants they “see” each other’s name and rank hovering over head.

I’m making a chart.