I’m about to issue a clue-by-four to Akane…

I’m sure you may have noticed that several blogs and webcomics got taken down late last week. Apparently entire sites got wiped and had to be rebuilt. Even I spent much of the weekend fending off a number of different attacks. I got using the ol’ ban hammer down to a science now. Unfortunately, that was a big distraction from writing the next comic. But it probably didn’t matter because the dialog wasn’t really coming to me. Now, once I did get something acceptable together and the panels rendered I fired up Photoshop and spent the better part of an hour shoehorning the dialog in. There was a lot of it. But I got it done and ready to save.

And Photoshop went poof. I’ve never had that happen before. I about called it a night. Sure, it probably wouldn’t take that long to do the dialog, a second time, but, you know how it is… Then it hit me, the dialog still sucked and all that was really needed was the last line.

Gotta love it when an accident stops you from making a mistake.

On a high note, I attended a wedding Saturday. Two of my sister’s friends came down from Olympia to get married while she was in the area. It was a simple affair, but no less romantic.