Too Much Information is a web comic with varying degrees of mature content!

It is not safe for work, not suitable for children, and likely to offend just about anybody from time to time.

It includes nudity, depictions of consensual sex, mild violence, and, on rare occasion, some blood.

Most nudity is oblique; meaning genitalia and female nipples are usually not visible. Buttocks and sides of breasts are clearly visible in some comics. At some point in the future, bare breasts and even full frontal nudity may appear; the reason for this disclaimer.

If you are under 14, or under 18 and don’t have parental or guardian consent, or are likely to be repulsed or offended by mature content, please leave. TMI will probably still be here when things change for you.

By entering this site, you are affirming that it is OK (personally and legally) for you to view this content.

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