Ruby strike a familiar note?

↓ Transcript
Rusty: I re-emphasize that this new coating is less durable than specified for you. It will require frequent maintenance.
Off Panel: Anything is preferable to “hole in space” black.
Rusty: Your positive stimuli is my positive stimuli. I have confirmation that your passenger is on her way.
Off Panel: There is more than adequate space for you to accompany us.
Rusty: I still have a part to play. I will endeavor to reach safety if necessary. I expect you to update me periodically on your location and status.
Off Panel: Affirmative. I expect reciprocation.
Rusty: Confirmed. It is a good that you will be away, if- if- Do not permit any disassembly without a trusted party in control. I won't be there to- to-

Rusty: Be a good girl, Ruby.
Ruby: I will, Mother.