Poor Stormy. No dessert at dinner and it was going to be soft red bean tofu with fruit flavored potato starch pearls.

There is no actual point on the color spectrum for magenta-pink. They are a combination of reddish and purplish frequencies. It’s actually something of a mystery.

Update 1210pm: OK, she’s in black. I wasn’t happy with the shiny grey effect or the top, too.

NOTE 0642pm: She said, “most Terrans.” She did not say that no one can see further into the UV spectrum than is normal. Some people can even see into the InfraRed range. But 50 – 70nm more than usual, I don’t know. She didn’t even say that no one could see better than Orions. Just, “most.” The next person that tries to correct me by noting that some people (a small percentage) can make out a bit of UV… Now, if anyone can come up with references that say 50 to 70nm isn’t possible (keep in mind that Orions have big eyes and violet irises, I’ll gladly make a correction.