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General: You honor us, Mistress, in spite of our failure.
Regina: The two of you have played your roles well. And we have not yet lost. Indeed, it is I that have come forward to consult with you. Young Ace has turned out to be a true wild card. The information I arranged for you to receive underestimates him. Two T-months ago he killed a much larger man that was trying to carry off a neighbor's child, with his bare hands; without mercy or remorse.
General: To save a child? His teeth and claws are worthy of praise. But I see how that confirms that he would do anything to keep the ship out of our hands.

Regina: And, surprisingly, the ship's own protocols work against us, in a way I find perplexing. I can only guess they were changed after this ship was deactivated, but before the control lockout reached it. Yet I am certain it never fell into rebel hands until after I arranged for them to find it. The ship restored power and life support, and changed the command codes, on it's own. It is also preventing you from re-enabling communications and internal sensors, and even fed you a red herring, getting you to send your people to the wrong launch deck. It has also implemented an anti-seizure protocol against us, the rightful heirs to The Masters, and will destroy itself in a crash landing unless control is restored to the rebel crew. That is the source of the countdown. Ace has succeeded in setting the clock back one last time. So we now have 96 micro-cycles for action.
General: What of having him disable the control lockout? Is that still desired?
Regina: The control lockout prevents me from slaving the ship controls to my will. I don't even dare reveal myself to what may be a compromised system until then. I am limited to “eavesdropping” on inter-system data transmissions. I may be able to substitute myself as a viable commander, but that needs to be done in the same instant that he disables the lockout.
General: He will want to be sure we have released control, before he will remove the lockout. He needs to come to us as badly as we need him to.

General: There is yet another hunter pursuing our prey, and we are her bait.