About that mirror, Cleo…

RECAP: Several weeks ago (in Comic Time), Pixie’s abusive old boyfriend, Steve, tried to burn down the house. A strange new ghost appeared and trapped Steve in the basement with the fire. Ace pulled Steve’s body from the basement. getting burned and losing all of his hair in the process. Since then Ace has survived numerous mishaps, including being tripped on the stairs by the new ghost. She’s now mad at Ace!

While trying to figure out how kittens may have smuggled in a dead mouse, Ace finds and falls thru a hidden trapdoor in a kitchen cabinet. Ace is now in a cistern deep below the house basement and looking for a way out.

The new ghost trapped Spooky and Cleo in a bubble and revealed that she is called Mami Wata, before sending them to the middle of the ocean, stripped of their powers and made mortal, with mermaid flukes. Cleo noted that this was “a” Mami Wata, similar to Sirens and Furies. And that Mami Wata are harsh about male infidelity.