Farah has an interesting grief coping mechanism. Not that I wouldn’t mind blowing holes in the villain’s base of operations any day.

↓ Transcript
Ace: Farah? You're alive? There was a sensor report that your main drives blew and you were on a ramming course.

Farah: That was the plan, but only one was really bad. I manged to fix the other with parts from the bad one, some spares and fabricated parts, 3 hair pins, and the expert guidance of my beautiful tin sister, Ruby Begonia! AND IT WAS EASY!! I wouldn't fly home on it, but it's good enough to maneuver and power the weapons so that we can blow holes in things. Ace, how did you know I'd come back?

Ace: Easy, cowards don't lead palace coups.

Ruby: I really just read to her from the service manual. There's very little tin in my matrices. I'm mostly graphine, silicon and gold.

Farah: It's a metaphor, Hun.

Ruby: Like the Tin Woodsman? But he was a cyborg, wasn't he?

Farah: But human where it mattered! So, Sky, what do you think of your air-head cousin now?

Ace: I'm sorry, but Lady B'Van Si, the renegade Dilmun that was really behind everything thinks Sky got killed trying to detach the module. Lady Banshee, I think you know Lady Farah, even if you haven’t really met. Farah, Ruby, I hope I can introduce the three of you later, but right now I'm trying to get her to drop her plans to bomb Earth back into the Stone Age.

Farah: Give it up, Your Ladyship! He'll have pieces in play you don't even know exist, and you'll probably find out that you're one of them. But right now, we're going to come back around and blow more holes in that thing. I suggest it be evacuated since we're not going to stop until it's drifting wreckage.