My Rules For Gun Control

  1. If you have one or more guns, don’t advertise it and keep them locked up. Without regard to whether or not you believe the government wants to take away your guns, a more immediate concern should be idiots and criminals. There’s always at least one gun crazy friend of the family (or an actual family member) that “just wants to see” your gun(s) but really wants to play Quick Draw. More importantly, burglars frequently do target homes where they think they can get guns.
  2. Don’t carry a gun unless you are completely familiar it with and can shoot it accurately. You’d be better off throwing rocks than fumble around with a loaded firearm.
  3. Don’t draw a gun unless you are certain it is warranted. A thief only wants to get away with your stuff and stuff is less precious than anyone’s life. Brandishing a weapon is a crime, and rightly so. Warning shots go who knows where.
  4. If you draw a gun, plan on shooting it. Guns aren’t magic wands for making people do what you want. They’re for making animals (including the 2 legged kind) not do or stop doing what you don’t want. And an attacker may decide you don’t have the guts to shoot.
  5. If you fire a gun, shoot to kill. A wounded attacker can still hurt you. But at the same time, if they survive being shot with intent to kill, they might decide to be reasonable. And if they don’t survive; dead men file no lawsuits.
  6. Have mercy. Killing an attacker that has surrendered or been incapacitated is likely to be called murder. Shooting someone in the back is questionable at best.
  7. For God’s sake, think about where your bullets will be going. Anyone that’s OK with hitting an innocent bystander is just another psycho with a gun looking for a slightly better excuse to use it.
  8. Put your gun away or down if the danger is over. A normal person would be stressed out. Stressed out people make mistakes; like shooting themselves in the foot. Also, when they arrive, the proper authorities are likely to consider anyone with a gun out to be a target.
  9. If you fire a gun, own up to it, especially if death or injury is involved. Making the cops try figure out who was doing any shooting after the fact will not endear you to them or the Prosecutors Office.