So, three new moon craters coming up?

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Farah: Wait! We have to go back!
Ruby: Lady Farah, this is largely for your protection. You are technically still minor and your intent can be easily proven, so, in our estimation, you may not be punished as severely as you might fear. Also, you can probably identify who was manipulating you. They will have a vested interest in making sure you don't return. Identifying them may earn you additional leniency.
Farah: Forget me. I know how we can save those pods! Rusty mentioned that there's an assault shuttle with it's feet locked to the hull. Do your landing feet have the same ability?
Ruby: They do, yes.
Farah: Wouldn't it be possible to use the maneuvering coils in your wings and your main thrusters to put them into a stable orbit?
Ruby: From a technical standpoint, it's possible. But I don't have anything like the skills or experience in my matrices to attempt such a thing.

Farah: Then let me fly.
Ruby: Lady Farah, you have only basic flight certification. You aren't rated for high performance spacecraft.
Farah: It's not in my record, but I have deci-cycles worth of simulator time, including centi-cycles with fighters like you. I can do it. We can't do any worse than add our names to the casualty list. No, that's not true. The worst we can do is avoid looking back as those people die while we head on out system.
Ruby: The controls are yours, Lady Farah. Please let me know how I can assist you.

Farah: Plot us a least time intercept with the pod in the most danger. OK. Star Fighter Sim 2000, don't fail me now!
Ruby: What?!
Farah: Do or die, Ruby Begonia! That's our new motto!