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The issue of how closely various characters are related has come up recently, and that got me thinking of consanguinity (which I did a lot of studying on when the Orions intruded into the comic).

Which reminded me that I’d read about a statistical study that strongly indicated that most humans (Terrans) have a common ancestor in the last 1000 years, almost certainly within 5000, except for isolated populations that still fall in at 10,000 years with the rest of us. My Orions would be at 50,ooo to 70,000 years (unless the Dilmun imported Terran stock – but they took all the records). For that matter, most ethnic groups share a common ancestor within 100 to 200 years.

My own tree shows some shared surnames (but so far, not the same individual, yet) around the 18th and 17th Centuries.

As Grampy would put it: If we are not Brothers and Sisters in Spirit, we are, at least, cousins in the flesh.

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