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Mercy wanted me to pass this on. I think she really means it.

Mercy: OK, listen up! We’re getting a few days off and I’d just as soon not have a busy holiday season.

Did you know that the period of December and January have a significant increase in deaths and hospitalizations due to cardiopulmonary disease? So, lets cut back on the salt some. Try not to overindulge and watch your stress levels. It’s a holiday, not a competition in consumerism. And keep an eye on loved ones. Learn the key indicators of heart attacks and strokes. That really bad heartburn, or sudden drunken behavior may be something else entirely.

And while we’re at it, lets talk traffic safety. There are a lot of stressed out drivers out there, who are almost always in a hurry and generally not focused on their driving. And even worse, drivers that have overindulged in one way or another making themselves a hazard as well. So don’t be one of those drivers and be vigilant. In the event that you find yourself enjoying a bit more holiday cheer than is prudent, please leave the keys in your pocket. If you can’t find a designated driver, please find another way home. Your host, server, or bartender probably know what taxi companies may be offering cheap or even free rides, if there are any volunteers giving rides, another patron that might give you a lift, or even if the police are giving drunks free rides,

Better to get home safe and sound than to wake up in jail, the hospital, or not at all.

And I wasn’t kidding about that mole.

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