We’ve got a bit of a heatwave going in the region and forest fires up wind. Yeah, I know some folks would call our hottest day a cool breeze right now, but it’s a bit much for me. (I used to go out barefoot to check the mail while there was still snow on the ground.) During the day, my room becomes an oven. The one working air conditioner can’t keep up so I close my room up during the day and spend much of it downstairs in the relatively cooler living room. Lots of TV getting caught up on.

I pretty much can’t use my room again until it cools off some, around mid-evening.

If I run my computer the room heats up too, unless I open a window. If I open a window, the smoke, when it’s blowing this way, gets in and pretty much makes the room uninhabitable anyway. And the smoke is clearly blowing this way right now.

The plan is to move my work system downstairs. I got my hands on a rolling desk/cart and chair, but found I didn’t have anything to network with. Can’t run a wire to the point and the one WiFi card I had was for the one slot covered by the fan of my new video card. Had to run back out to get a USB adapter.

That means I don’t have a comic for you.

But I do have Luna in a catgirl outfit (sort of a rough draft).