I bet Sky’s mother and her captain are both going to have some comments for her when all is said and done.

↓ Transcript
B'Van Si: AAAAaaaahhhh! Put it out! Put it out!

Ace: Well...

Sky: NO! She's still a threat as long as she's alive.

Ace: I can't just watch...

Sky: Then don't! Tune her out! We've got to get out of here so Cousin Farah can finish destroying the module.


B'Van Si: Please. I'll do anything! Money, power, all yours.

Ace: There's no button for the elevator. How about the way you got in?

Sky: You won't fit and I'm too weak. Even without the smoke I couldn't make it. And there's no cutting through this time.

Ace: Primary Data Systems Technician? Can you transport us out yet?

Tech: Since you're still there, you can assume that I can't. Yet. We're lucky I could get Little Warrior's watergun past the transport disruptors. It was already full of methanol, incidentally.

Sky: No comment.

Ace: Can we move my shipsuit to Sky? She needs it more than I do and it's getting a bit acrid in here.

Roddie: Negative. The mode lock you asked for runs for 50 micro-cycles. You have just over 15 minutes until any changes can be made. Your gloves and hood won't deploy in that time, either.

Ace: If I can get these doors open, maybe...

B'Van Si: Just trying to save...


Regina: Maybe nothing. The lifts run on linear induction motors and the shafts are nearly frictionless. The only reason you wouldn't fall to your death, is the airtight bulkhead doors between each deck. Now, generally it's not safe to take the lift when there's a fire. Especially if someone's shut down the fire suppression system on that deck. But we're in a hurry. We couldn't get the docking system to release, so we programmed the launch drives to fire in another 5 micro-cycles. If the main system still won't disengage, the module will tear itself apart.

Sky: Rusty? What happened to your legs?

Ace: That's like 2 minutes, 6 seconds.

Rusty: I am equally curious regarding your arm. But now is not the time.

Regina: Two minutes, now. Shall we be going?