On “virginity.”

Some of you may notice that the comic has changed slightly.  I deleted the prior version along with the comments.

I’m perfectly aware that the state of a woman’s hymen is not proof of virginity either way.  Any number of factors may cause a hymen to break well before a penis becomes involved.  On rare occasion, the hymen is particularly flexible and durable.  Some women are even born without them.  Look it up.  I found plenty on the subject myself, before I started on this storyline.

Jaz, as you might suspect, was probably considered one of the “bad girls” (it’s not something from the 50’s; that bullshit goes on even today).  She would be very aware of  “good girls” that were doing the same things, yet publicly claiming virginity while casting aspersions on her own nature.  So she might be a little touchy on the subject.  You want perfectly clinical, go see her cousin, Dr. Lane.

But, I guess we aren’t going to go that way.

Maddie’s history, we’re going to learn a little more of.