She’s just guessing!

↓ Transcript
Luna: Look, you've told us your father was half-Japanese and Kimi's mother must have been Korean.
Carly: She never tells anyone that!
Luna: “Yi Kimi” isn't a traditional Japanese name, but “Yi Kim Yi” has to be Korean. I'm guessing like your parents, her's never married either. The time that neither of you would have been considered appropriate heirs isn't that long ago, and your once-removed cousin would have been picked instead.
Carly: OK, you're right about Kimi's parents, but-
Luna: Your mother always managed to keep you a secret from her parents, or at least your whereabouts, but it was the well incident that gave it away. It was in the news. That's why there were no attempts before then. After that, they only happened when Kimi was around because normally they wouldn't otherwise know where you were. And if she were blamed, she'd be just as much out of the way. Your great-uncle wouldn't be in charge of security would he?
Carly: Ara? Yes. He was originally my grandfather's bodyguard.
Luna: When your mother sent you here, they lost all track of you, so the attempts stopped. But when you tried to go to Paris, someone made the connection between you and your family, and since then, your grandfather's found out about you. Your mother would have contacted you if she was aware of that, so it's still not widespread knowledge. Kimi says she's here in secret, but I'll bet she's been confiding in her grandmother all these years.
Carly: That's all conjecture.
Luna: True. We also don't know more about this woman Steve said hired him because he's still in bad shape. And it's just a guess that this tattooed woman isn't Kimi or anyone he might recognize as being related to you. Steve's name comes up in police reports when googling the house address, so he'd seem like the perfect contact for someone intent on something criminal. As far as he'd know, the owner was your fictional landlady. I'm going to bet your mother's cousin is young, pretty, and tattooed, and the one that put him up to setting the fire, claiming to be the landlady.
Carly: You know, if Steve's lying about someone paying him to set the fire, your whole argument falls apart.
Luna: All kinds of holes in my reasoning, but if he's lying, then your cousin's done nothing worse than come here wanting to speak with you.