I’m sure there’s a good explanation.

↓ Transcript
Jaz: Oh pooh! You found a swimsuit.
Sharron: It was still back there. You get to ogle my abs; that's it.
Jaz: They are nice abs.
Sharron: And you can tell Miss Yi and Miss Ryoshi they can come up for air. I left Officer Friendly in the changing room.

Sharron: Oh, this is nice. I heard about Rocky. How's she doing?
Ace: They're keeping her overnight for observation, but she should be OK.
Sharron: I heard the call, but I was busy with a collar.

Kimi: A question, Miss Friendly.
Sharron: Sharron, please. At least when I'm not on duty. Ask away.
Kimi: Then you must call me Kimi. How is it that you are almost always the officer to show here?

Sharron: (coughs) Oh! Er! Dispatch knows I'm, uh, on good terms with the residents. So they will tend to send me if I'm available.
Kimi: < Not because you understand Japanese? >