I think she’s pissed of Roddie…

↓ Transcript
B'Van Si: Enough of this! Starship Control System, I am B'Van Si, last of The Divine Race in this galaxy. Place all command controls under my authority. Activate defenses and destroy that fighter.

Roddie: Recognized: B'Van Si. 528th Generation Eternal. Loyalist/Non-Telmiri. Social Standing: Outcast, All authority revoked. Convicted in absentia of kidnapping, genocide, diplomatic interference by impersonation, social tampering with underdeveloped cultures, and unauthorized and illegal advancement of a primitive species. Detain permanently by encapsulation. This warrant does not expire. Access denied. Bitch!

Ace: Encapsulation?

B'Van Si: One is embedded alive in a giant diamond the size of a large coffin, like a fly in amber, and put on display.

Ace: Wow! That's a nasty way to go.

B'Van Si: It's not fatal to an Eternal. As long as there's sufficient ambient energy, the nano-machines keep us alive and aware.