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Kimi: Luna-chan, I know I told why Carly-kun thinks my father and a brother were in France, but we were thinking a half-brother.

Aoi: And you didn't share this with me?

Kimi: Sorry, we thought you wished to inherit and to say where my father might be would make trouble.

Aoi: You ran away to avoid responsibility for your grandfather's assets and the organization, why would you think I would want it? Though, my plan was to use my health as an excuse to stick you with it all. I'm not sure what Father intends now. But that is for another time. Luna-chan, I'd love to hear how you've reached your conclusions.

Luna: Well, I'm not going to go into what I think Gina's really involved in, but it's not just translating. Rather, it's something that would benefit from contacts with the local underworld, particularly if the contact don't have particularly dirty hands. At the same time, an officer or senior NCO can't go around asking the wrong questions. But, a young airman on her first overseas assignment; they're always getting into mischief. It's not reasonable she would “just happen” to meet a 14 or 15 year old girl, but, on a guess, your father hired her to tutor you in English, Korean, or both. Gina's never mentioned knowing Mandarin, but China's really the country to watch in the region.

Aoi: So, you're just guessing?

Luna: Some. But what are the odds that you would send your son to this city, where she would retire to in a few years? That her brother would just happen to employ a young Asian transvestite over the objections of his fundamentalist wife? That an obviously caring mother would just happen to abruptly kick her son out of the house not long after a room became open in your son's home? And if Ace was under protective surveillance, I think she'd know, and it would also put your son under the same protection, or perhaps allow protection details to consolidate.
I started to think Ace was being watched the night of the fire. The firetrucks and paramedics arrived too early, by about 2 to 5 minutes. They could have been in the area, but it happened again the night Ace was stabbed. The give-away came when she teased me about allowing a stranger to stay in her condo. She not only knew Kimi-chan was there, but who she was, and had her boyfriend, Agent Smith, along take her into custody as a witness, rather than as a prisoner.
Given how unconcerned she was, it was obvious she had detailed information on Kimi-chan and on Yakuza in general. For that matter, she greeted Kimi rather warmly. And then you showed up, far too quickly, at a private party, in costume. I don't see how you'd have known to find your family there, but finding out that they'd be where Ace also was would have been a snap. Information flows both ways.

Kimi: But how do you think Mother is also alive and together with Father?

Luna: I'm not absolutely certain of that. When Carly tried to enter France, that obviously tripped alarms. I think someone thought he was trying to make contact with your father, and he was refused entry with a strong hint that his uncle and cousin had been been ejected. At the same time, someone else must have passed on to your grandfather information that Carly had flown in from PDX, Portland Airport. Of course that would have been when Aoi-san's stepmother started trying to manipulate you and Akane-san into doing her dirty work.
Now, I'm guessing when I say I think your parents never married. That was fine with everyone since your father would inherit the Japanese operation, and your mother would inherit a similar Korean group; giving everyone a full generation to get used to the idea that you would one day run both.
It stands to reason that if your Aunt Aoi has her contacts, and that her father has contacts, so did your father and mother. And so do you, no matter how circuitous your route was, if you hadn't had help, you wouldn't have been allowed into the country.

Kimi: I cannot confirm or deny.

Luna: The problem is, your Korean grandparent's organization lost it's importance. Given the attack on you when you were 14, they'd lost almost all of their influence by then. It's a shameful fact that American intelligence organizations have a short memory where their friends are concerned when those friends are no longer of any use. So it stands to reason that your mother got left hanging. But America isn't the only Intelligence game in town. With your mother safely dead and your father disappeared, certain parties would assume they'd been eliminated, leaving you and your families safe. Now INTERPOL didn't have anything like a formal witness protection plan until after 2007, so if they did anything to help your parents drop out of site it would have been ad hoc, hence the clumsy way Carly was handled trying to enter France.

Aoi: I think you know that much of your deductions are based on conjecture. And I hope you're right about Kimi's parents. But, if you're right, you're also touching on things that you should not know or be guessing at. I think you should keep this to yourself until you can speak to Gina and Ron.

Luna: “Gina and Ron?” Not Sergeant Gibs and Agent Smith?

Aoi: Oh, Hell.